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Emerging Innovator Award&39.

Bay Area Lyme Base announces Emerging Innovator Award for promising scientist in Lyme research The Bay Area Lyme Basis today announced the first annual Bay Area Lyme Base 'Emerging Innovator Award' and a $100,000 grant which is directed at a promising scientist who embodies the continuing future of leadership in Lyme disease study. Applicants must be associated with an academic, industry or research organization. ‘Our objective is to create Lyme disease easy to diagnose and easy to cure,’ highlights Bonnie Crater, vice president of Bay Region Lyme Foundation's Panel of Directors and the first choice of its analysis and science team. Read the rest of this entry »


This collaboration is part of AB SCIEX&39.

This will include development of even more definitive and comprehensive options for the identification of drug loading and placement of conjugation on macromolecules. This collaboration is part of AB SCIEX's dedication to support the growing motion to bring targeted antibody-based therapies to market. Our collective objective is to help our customers bring drugs from concept to market quicker. The collaboration provides Abdominal SCIEX, a global leader in life research analytical technologies, with the specialized artificial conjugation capabilities of Dalton. Read the rest of this entry »


Capri Sun beverages harboring mystery bacteria strains.

Capri Sun beverages harboring mystery bacteria strains, says microbiologist Kraft’s well-known juice drink, Capri Sun, is marketed to kids in squeezable, on-the-go pouches, built with a fun punch-in straw. Parents tend to be misled by marketing that praises the drink’s healthy fruit juices tadalafil . According to new findings from microbiologist Kathleen Dannelly from the Indiana State University, Capri Sun beverages may harbor more than just fake juices. Her findings suggest that the Tropical Punch, Roarin’ Waters, and Fruit Punch types, are harboring at least five unidentified fungus strains. The investigation all began when a concerned parent contacted a news station. The news headlines station handed the suspicious Capri Sun samples to microbiologist Kathleen Dannelly. Read the rest of this entry »


Cardiovascular Diseases What exactly are cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular Diseases What exactly are cardiovascular diseases? Cardiovascular means the center and circulation. When the arteries in the heart become hardened because of them ‘clogging up’ with undesirable fatty deposits and cholesterol, that’s where cardiovascular problems develop, such as: heart disease, heart attacks, stroke and angina. Cardiovascular diseases are also known as CVDs – conditions that kill an astounding quantity of people in the UK: one in three people, in fact. Symptoms Symptoms of coronary disease include:increased or irregular center ratechest paintightness in the chestpain spreading from the chest to the shoulder and armpain spreading from the upper body, up to the throat and then right down to the jawheart palpitationsdizzinessfaintingshortness of breathsweatingNote: You’ll be able to be in the early stages of a cardiovascular disease, yet encounter no symptoms at all. Read the rest of this entry »


Bloodstream in the Urine Prognosis The prognosis.

Many factors behind hematuria have a fantastic prognosis. UTIs have an excellent prognosis for many people and are treatable. Cancers of the urinary system may have an excellent prognosis if detected early. The entire prognosis for urinary system cancers is dependent on the exact kind of tumor and the degree to which it provides spread during diagnosis.. Bloodstream in the Urine Prognosis The prognosis, or outlook, for bloodstream in the urine depends upon the cause. Many factors behind bloodstream in the urine, such as for example medications, minimal trauma, or kidney stones are short-term and don’t have long-term results. Read the rest of this entry »


Cardiovascular Systems fourth-quarter revenue increases 15 percent to $18.

Net reduction per diluted common share was $ in the fiscal 2010 fourth quarter, in comparison to $ per diluted common talk about a year earlier. Revenue generated from client reorders rose to 93 % of total income for the fiscal 2010 fourth quarter, up from 89 % in last year’s 4th quarter, reflecting CSI’s emphasis on increasing utilization in existing accounts. Gross margin rose to 77 % from 73 % in the same period last year, because of product cost reductions, developing efficiencies and shipment of fewer controller units. Operating expenses increased 7 % to $18.2 million, a complete result of expanding the sales team and education programs previously in fiscal 2010. Read the rest of this entry »