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The award came a day after the Los Angeles city attorney sued Wellness Net, claiming it illegally canceled the coverage around 1,600 patients. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo also stated the company illegally ran a motivation program where it paid bonus deals to an administrator for meeting targets of plan cancelations. Health Net acknowledged that such an application existed in 2002 and 2003 but was subsequently scrapped. In his results, Cianchetti wrote that ‘it’s hard to assume a policy even more reprehensible than tying bonuses to encourage the recision of health insurance that helps keep the general public well and alive. The SNPs can be found in the LOXL1 gene on chromosome 15, and confer respectively 26-fold and 8-fold raises in threat of exfoliation glaucoma when compared to low-risk variations of the same markers.According to LifeShare Of The Carolinas, many more lives could be saved if more people consented to donation. ‘Tragically, 18 people die on a daily basis due to the shortage of donors. We hope that everyone who sees the Chris Henry story on Thanksgiving Day will consider joining the donor registry in their condition. One person can make a difference. Chris Henry sure do,’ stated Gary Burris, LifeShare’s Chief Operating Officer. ‘We discover miracles of medicine each day at Carolinas Medical Center,’ said Suzanne Freeman, medical center president. ‘One of the greatest of all is the gift of lifestyle through organ transplantation, permitted by the willingness of people to designate themselves to be donors.