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AP Pharma Announces FDA Acceptance of APF530 new drug application for chemotherapy – induced nausea and vomitingAP Pharma , a specialty pharmaceutical company, announced that the U.S zestril 20 . Food and Drug Administration for accepted review of a New Drug Application for APF530 for the potential treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting . APF530 is a long-acting formulation of granisetron the Company’s proprietary the Company’s proprietary Biochronomer drug delivery system. Based on the Prescription Drug User Fee Act , the FDA action date of the 18th Issued in March 2010. The acceptance of the NDA APF530 to fight another important step in the direction of physicians and patients with a potential new long-acting agent for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting are, said Ronald J. Prentki, AP Pharma ‘s president and chief executive officer. Our team recognizes the important role APF530 could play in cancer care, and we are working with the FDA as it is dedicated to our NDA checks.

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