Blood pressure and arterial flexibility in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk elements.

Reuven Zimlichman caused a team of researchers from Wolfson Medical Center, Israel, to carry out the study in 70 individuals from the centre’s hypertension clinic. He said, ‘Antioxidant supplementation significantly improved large and little artery elasticity in individuals with multiple cardiovascular risk elements. This beneficial vascular effect was associated with an improvement in glucose and lipid rate of metabolism along with significant reduce in blood circulation pressure’..

Cardiac Network increases the number of sites because of its research study Cardiac Network, Inc. reported today that it offers expanded the amount of sites contained in its study support with Southern California Permanente Medical Group. Cardiac Network has been providing cardiac monitoring for patients in the analysis since January 2008. The expanded services allow Cardiac Network to show the standard of its monitors further, cardiograph and services reports which provide vital data regarding the cardiac health of the patients being monitored.