Bruce Barbour writes that this asbestos had contributed to at least one 1.

Barbour further said that all the other says and territories had some form of licensing controls relating to asbestos removal. NSW can be an exception with little or no regulation he said. Yesterday wherein Mr The statement was tabled in Parliament. He suggests a $5.5 million in funding be assigned to the remediation of the Woodsreef mine and make it mandatory for vendors to provide asbestos certificates when offering their homes. The Premier, Kristina Keneally, said she had referred the report to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.. Ombudsman, Bruce Barbour writes that this asbestos had contributed to at least one 1,014 deaths in NSW between 2002 and 2006 but the government has all but switched a blind eyes to tackling the issue.Race entry fees vary and depend on the registration date. Visit for more details.. CNN, TIME examine increasing antibiotic resistance CNN examines a recently available report by researchers that warns of increasing antibiotic level of resistance and appeals for governments to do this to develop new antibiotics to avert a wellness crisis. ‘Analysis and development of fresh antibiotics isn’t keeping up with development of resistance. If we don’t do something positive about it we’ll end up with a situation where all the old drugs have level of resistance and we don’t have any new types,’ [Holloway said].’ Also reflecting on the LSE report, TIME examines why it isn’t cost-effective for pharmaceutical businesses to invest in antibiotic research and methods to incentivize such companies to purchase the development of brand-new antibiotics.