Cancer detection kit.

The diagnostic test can be performed by personnel already trained and acquainted with the PCR, and does not require additional scientific abilities. The technology significantly reduces lab result time and labour costs by up to 75 percent, thus substantially increasing productivity to all diagnostic centers and laboratories. As a result, this significant improvement offers patients better benefits and service. Progress on Neo-EpCAMTM evaluation studies has taken Acrongenomics one step closer to the development of a commercial item..There are malpractices regarding to her. For instance plastic surgeons do recommend yet another eyelift plus a face lift to boost on their profits. She thinks that is a moral and a significant issue. She said, It is rather difficult to state, ‘no, I don’t wish that’, if a health care provider ready of authority suggests something. Her interviews included 19 plastic and plastic surgeons, gPs and dermatologists. She said these women have to be better educated about the procedures and also the different qualifications and scopes of the experts.