How women react to evaluate disease severity.

The study is the only placebo-controlled study to evaluate the effect of hormone replacement therapy in the development of RA and the sixth study to assess the effects of hormone therapy, how women react to evaluate disease severity. The results showed that there. 105 new cases and 63 existing cases of RA There were no statistically significant differences on either new RA cases over an average of five to six years or on the severity of RA symptoms after one year. While previous studies had suggested that hormones had a protective effect against the development of RA, they were observational studies. A unique opportunity to study found no significant protective effect of hormones benefit in preventing RA.

###Article: Effects of postmenopausal hormone therapy in rheumatoid arthritis: the Women ‘s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Trials, Brian Walitt, Mary Pettinger, Arthur Weinstein, James Katz, James Torner, Mary Chester Wasko, Barbara V. Arthritis Care & Research, March 2008.Besides develop new cloud computing approaches, the research team to apply a partnership multi IU biological research for Team and test the technology in their specific areas of life science research.