In the last two months of the 3 months test blinded phase of the study.

The study showed a statistically significant reduction in seizure frequency in the treatment group than the sham – stimulation group compared. In the last two months of the 3 months test blinded phase of the study, people in the treatment group experienced a mean %age reduction of 29 % in their disabling seizures compared to 14 % reduction for those in the placebo stimulation group. In the long term, open period of the study at least 12 weeks, for 171 for 171 participants in the study, 47 % of these patients had a 50 % or greater reduction in their seizure frequency at its recent 12-week data, as compared to the initial state. Source: Janet Kim Porter Novelli.

‘.. Pivotal data show NeuroPace RNS system reduces seizures in people with epilepsyNeuroPace, announced that results from the pivotal trial of the RN system, a novel device in the testing phase, responsive neurostimulation neurostimulation shown using, reduced significantly the frequency of seizures among men, which is a common form of epilepsy that is difficult treat with drugs, have to. The pivotal trial data, at at the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting were presented included 191 people with medically intractable partial onset epilepsy enrolled at 31 sites in the United States.Having the three studies the researchers examined self-perception changes in They discovered after a breakup. They found that people self self-image clarity after a breakup. This reduced clearness emotional stress. Emotional stress. The loss of the related did more psychological consequences, including the tendency for individuals, the contents of themselves and of feeling that Your have self a subjective less clear and even less modify.

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